Helena Smart

Mini Exhibition On Tour

The ‘April Ashley, portrait of a lady’ touring exhibition arrived in Liverpool’s Central Library today on it’s journey around community libraries in the north west of England. Pictured with one of the panels and the book is Archivist Helena Smart who helped start the entire exhibition process by providing invaluable assistance to our volunteers when…

Wall 7 & 8 .1

Exhibition Plans

Below is a look at the original plans made of the exhibition by Designer Olivia du Monceau. These plans show how the exhibition was put together allowing us to have a visual sense of the space and how the different elements to the exhibition related to each other, before signed off on the print and…


Trans* Portraits Photographs by Sara Davidmann

Eight of Sara Davidmann’s trans* portraits are exhibited in the ‘April Ashley: Portrait of a lady’ exhibition. Davidmann has taken photographs in collaboration with people from the UK trans* community since 1999. Her photographs offer an important counteraction to mass media representations/misrepresentations of trans* people. 1. Jenny-Anne and Elen, 2009 2. Mates, 2012 3. Nikki,…


Trans Day of Remembrance – Remembering Victims of Hate

Over 40 people gathered in the April Ashley exhibition in the Museum of Liverpool yesterday – 20th November – to pay their respects to all the transgendered people who have been victims of Hate Crime. There were 238 known murders of Trans people last year – however only 60 countries collate information on Trans Hate…

Olivia du Monceau

The Making of ‘April Ashley, Portrait of a lady’ #5

Designer, Olivia du Monceau takes a tour of the space and talks about some of the design considerations that have gone into the making of the exhibition.


Launch day photos

Here’s are some photos taken by Sara Davidmann at the exhibition launch last week. Thank you Sara.


More Twitter Feedback

Here’s some more responses to the exhibition to from people on Twitter since the launch of the exhibition. @MuseumLiverpool @HomotopiaFest viewing the exhibition of April Ashley. Amazing story. Giving inspiration and hope to others. — Julie O'Grady (@julie_ogrady) September 29, 2013 EXPOSICIÓN > 'April Ashley: Retrato de una dama' explora la vida de primer icono…

group photo

The launch of April Ashley: portrait of a lady

The 26th September saw the official opening of the April Ashley: portrait of a lady exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

Our Stories


This book contains extracts taken from oral history interviews conducted between October 2012 and July 2013. They are part of the April Ashley heritage project and exhibition April Ashley; portrait of a lady. This collection of interviews features a variety of people whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex they were assigned at…

April Ashley quote

Exhibition Launch

The exhibition launch yesterday was both amazing and moving. It was Fantastic to see people in the space. Here’s some of the responses we’ve had so far via twitter. Loved the April Ashley exhibition at @MuseumLiverpool, already arranged a second visit #equality @SEEN_LIVERPOOL pic.twitter.com/CKrh43hbFq — Rebecca Keegan (@Rebecca_Keegan) September 27, 2013 April Ashley is a…