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Here’s some more responses to the exhibition to from people on Twitter since the launch of the exhibition. @MuseumLiverpool @HomotopiaFest viewing the exhibition of April Ashley. Amazing story. Giving inspiration and hope to others. — Julie O'Grady (@julie_ogrady) September 29, 2013 EXPOSICIÓN > 'April Ashley: Retrato de una dama' explora la vida de primer icono…

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The launch of April Ashley: portrait of a lady

The 26th September saw the official opening of the April Ashley: portrait of a lady exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

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This book contains extracts taken from oral history interviews conducted between October 2012 and July 2013. They are part of the April Ashley heritage project and exhibition April Ashley; portrait of a lady. This collection of interviews features a variety of people whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex they were assigned at…

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Exhibition Launch

The exhibition launch yesterday was both amazing and moving. It was Fantastic to see people in the space. Here’s some of the responses we’ve had so far via twitter. Loved the April Ashley exhibition at @MuseumLiverpool, already arranged a second visit #equality @SEEN_LIVERPOOL — Rebecca Keegan (@Rebecca_Keegan) September 27, 2013 April Ashley is a…

Bev Ayre

The Making of ‘April Ashley, Portrait of a lady’ #4

On the day of the exhibition launch, Bev Ayre and Lou Muddle talk about how the exhibition will share April’s story along with experiences of transgender people and how April’s life has influenced the social, political and legal aspects of transgender people’s histories.

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Training at the museum

Saturday morning 9am. No rest for the wicked the saying goes but this morning it was Sister Maria Renate and Anthony Griffin who had an early start as they ran a trangender equality briefing for the staff at the Museum of Liverpool. All the participants were really interested to hear about the April Ashley exhibition…


Catherine – Full interview

Listen to Catherine’s complete oral history as she frankly discusses her memories of April, her childhood, marriage, family and transition. Some of the content is graphic in its descriptions of surgery.

April Ashley & Bambi

April Ashley: Portrait of a lady. OFFICIAL TRAILER

The Official trailer for the new APRIL ASHLEY exhibition. Museum of Liverpool to open exhibition about transgender icon. The Museum of Liverpool is to host a new major exhibition this September looking at the history of transgender people in Britain over the past 70 years, focusing on the experiences of one exceptional individual. Opening 27…

Kay Jones

The Making of ‘April Ashley, Portrait of a lady’ #3

Kay Jones, Curator of Community History, tours the space in the Museum of Liverpool where the April Ashley exhibition is being constructed.

main April Sign

The Making of ‘April Ashley, Portrait of a lady’ #2

Here’s a stop motion animation of the main sign from the exhibition being installed in the Museum of Liverpool.