The Cigar World par Cosima Aichholzer

December 15, 2019

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The Cigar World par Cosima Aichholzer

Titre de livre: The Cigar World

Auteur: Cosima Aichholzer

Broché: 220 pages

Date de sortie: October 15, 2016

ISBN: 3832732853

Éditeur: Te Neues Publishing Company

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Luxury, exclusivity, status for centuries, the cigar has been a symbol for the special and extraordinary. Cigar smoking, which began over 2,000 years ago with the Maya, is experiencing a huge renaissance today. The cigar is a recreational luxury item in high demand, a combination of craftsmanship and tradition with a cult following that is hard to top. Connoisseur and cigar expert Cosima Aichholzer is one of the world s leading authorities on cigars. There isn t a cigar lounge in the world she hasn t travelled to, or a brand that she hasn t personally tested. In this standard reference work for all cigar experts and fans, the sophisticated Austrian provides authoritative answers to questions about the cigar s history, production process, where tobacco for cigars is grown, how to buy and store cigars, and much more. Let us take you on an exciting and fascinating journey into the world of cigars. Learn more about the countries they come from, the raw materials that go into them, the craftsmanship involved in making them, and the world s most beautiful cigar lounges, all shown in captivating pictures. Take a look at exclusive accessories, custom-made humidors, luxurious lighters, and many other items. So sit back, light up a cigar with celebrity fellow smokers, and peruse entertaining interviews that include tidbits like the cigar that Arnold Schwarzenegger finds unforgettable."

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